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Air Sealing Services

We live in Virginia which means that we have a wide variety of homes: from stately colonial mansions to new houses in pre-planned communities. But regardless of the homes or their occupants, one thing remains universal throughout: everyone wants their living space to be as energy efficient as possible. You’d be surprised how much energy your home leaks out in loose shingles, cracks under doors and similar issues, especially in older homes built before such concerns were prevalent. A reliable air sealing service such as the kind offered by House Call Company can solve those problems: helping your home retain cool air in the summer and hot air in the winter, as well as cutting down on recurring problems such as drafts and cold spots. A little upfront cost can save you a great deal on heating and cooling bills over time, as well as making your house a more comfortable place to be! We’re THE air sealing pros!

Why Is Air Sealing So Important?

It might sound like an unnecessary step, but studies show that air sealing is a vital way to keep your home functioning at its peak. According to the EPA, households can lose as much as 40% of their heating and cooling energy through leaks in the home itself. For example, if you spend, say, $500 a month on heating and cooling costs, that’s $200 that you may be wasting each and every month. Air sealing fights this trend by sealing up the places where air escapes. The leaks stay closed, the conditioned air stays in your home and you don’t need to keep shelling out money every month just to feel comfortable.

What’s Involved?

An air sealing appointment from House Call Company starts with a thorough examination of your home to determine the locations of any leaks. They most often appear in the attic and roof, in the gaps around door and window frames, in spots around your chimney and similar spots. The technician then applies sealant to each leak befitting the location and size of the leak. Acrylic latex caulk is often used, as is various types of foam and even components based on existing insulation in your home. The results will improve your energy efficiency by up to 20% or more, helping you handle our varying seasons without feeling the pinch in your pocketbook.

Trust the Experts at House Call Company for Air Sealing Services

If you live in an older home or even if you feel that your more modern home is experiencing costly air leaks, then give the experts at House Call Company a call. We can explain the process step–by–step, then perform a quality air sealing service to tighten your household energy efficiency considerably. You’ll see the difference in your monthly energy bills, which often pay for the cost of the service over time, and in the way your house just feels a little more inviting and comfortable. Our trained staff is standing by, so pick up the phone today to make an appointment for an air sealing.

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