To Have Maintenance or Not?

Why You Should Have an HVAC Maintenance Contract! Here at House Call Company, we understand that talking about HVAC Maintenance seems boring and unnecessary.  You go to the thermostat, call […]

Bigger Is Definitely NOT Better!

Many companies might use the slogan “bigger is better,” but this seems to be something highly discouraged in the HVAC industry. That’s because a heater or air conditioner that’s poorly […]

4 Ways to Steer Clear of Toilet Toils

Taking care of a toilet can be hard work when trying to make sure it doesn’t break down. Your toilet performs hard work every day, and without the proper attention […]

The Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

While our name might imply that we’re the masters of “house calls,” would you believe us if we told you that our whole goal is to ensure you have to […]

Are You Losing Money from a Failing Heater?

Heaters aren’t built to fail, in fact, quite the opposite is true. Heaters like gas furnaces, especially the models that we offer, are built to sustain extremely cold temperatures while […]

How to Notice Circuit Breaker Failure

Circuit breakers are like the circulatory system of your home. Without the blood of electricity pumping through the veins of your home, none of your devices or electronic appliances would […]

3 Nasty Signs You Need Heater Repair

Heater repair isn’t always obvious. In fact, you’d be surprised by how many homeowners we meet on a daily basis who should have called us months ago for a repair that needed […]

3 Punk Rock Plumbing Tips

While homeowners in our area might be living semi-charmed lives themselves, their plumbing systems could be in much worse condition than they’re lead to believe. Since our plumbing is hidden […]

How a Smart Thermostat Can Help Your Furnace

For those of you out there with an unreliable furnace, it’s true that your heating system can use all the help it can get! While sometimes we might talk about […]

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