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Duct Sealing Services

Need duct sealing? Ducts are a key part of your centralized air conditioning system: going into and then branching out from the air conditioner itself into the various rooms and sections of your home. Once the system cools the air around the evaporator coils, it blows that air into your home through the ducts. They don’t usually have moving parts (unless your home has a zone control system), which means they don’t suffer breakdowns and repairs the way the air conditioner itself does. But that doesn’t mean they don’t run into trouble. Breaches, in particular, are a common issue with ducts, either caused by external damage to the ducts themselves or when the seal between two separate pieces of duct becomes loose. Here you can get duct sealing services from the resident experts at House Call Company that solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Not only does that address a potentially catastrophic air conditioning issue, but it keeps you from losing money on heating and cooling costs in the bargain.

Why Do Duct Breaches Create a Problem?

Your heating and air conditioning system is closed, which means the cool air your AC unit creates doesn’t have a chance to escape; at least, in principle. A breach in your ductwork changes all of that, either by pulling cool air out of the system or by pulling warm air in. Either way, it partially undoes the work your air conditioner is doing, forcing it to work harder to do its job. Your monthly energy bills go up and the added strain increases the chances of a larger breakdown happening in the future. And that situation will not change as long as the breach in the duct remains intact, especially in older or larger homes which are quite common in the area.

Use Trained Technicians to Address Duct Sealing in Your Home

The breach itself is usually fairly easy for a trained technician like the kind at House Call Company to fix. If it’s a break between sections of ductwork, he or she can simply reseal it. If there’s a larger hole, he or she can cut a replacement piece composed of the same material as the duct itself and seal it much the same way. The tricky part actually comes with locating the breach. Since ducts are usually located in the attic, the crawlspaces or other hard–to–reach locations, the technician needs to do a little detective work to pinpoint the spot, then develop a plan to access it safely and effectively.

Call the Professionals at House Call Company for Duct Sealing

With the experts at House Call Company, you have the training and experience on your side to perform duct sealing services properly. Our staff uses the latest in modern technology to detect the point of the breach and then seal it such that the problem does not return. Whether that involves sealant, fitted parts or simply a rivet that needs to be replaced, you can count on us to get the job done. The strain is taken off of your air conditioning system and you can enjoy your home without worrying about losing energy efficiency. Give our friendly staff a call today and let us show you what we can do for you!

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