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Electrical Wiring

It may seem like a simple thing to add a new ceiling fan to your home, or install outdoor lighting to help keep your yard lit at night. But in fact, that simple equation likely involves numerous steps that laymen would never consider. Where do you run the wiring to power it? Where will the switch to turn in off and on be located? How will it affect your circuit breaker? Are there any obstacles such as plumbing pipes in between the new fixture and the wiring running it? For those reasons, it always pays to consult a professional rather than attempting an electrical wiring job yourself.

Make Sure Your Grand Old House Is Up to Code

No one would ever suggest that a stately old house should have its walls torn down or its interior gutted. At the same time, an old, frayed wiring system creates an active safety hazard, and houses that still rely on old fuse boxes or the like are in violation of civic safety codes. A qualified electrician on our team knows how to upgrade your system with new safe wiring, without destroying the aesthetic of your home or forcing you to sacrifice an ounce of its charm.

Trust House Call Company to Handle Any Electrical Wiring Concerns

A good electrician needs to be as trusted as a doctor or an auto mechanic: someone who you have faith in to handle the needs of your home and your family in every circumstances. The friendly staff at House Call Company has years of experience handling all kinds of electrical wiring issues, from frayed wires to new fans and outlets to whole–house rewiring operations. If you suspect problems with your electrical wiring, or if you’re engaged in a bigger operation like expanding your house or replacing an outdated fuse box, then make sure you have a service that stands by its work and ensures that your new electrical system is as safe as it can possibly be. Our experts are standing by to talk to you, so pick up the phone and give us a call today to schedule a consultation. You – and your home – will be happy you did!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today for all of your electrical service needs. We are YOUR electrical contractors.

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