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When the humidity is high, especially in your own home, it can be difficult to keep comfortable and to maintain target temperatures effectively and efficiently. Very dry air comes with its own set of problems too, though. Regardless of how great your HVAC system may be, it may require a supplemental humidifier in order to keep your living space truly comfortable. If dry air in your living space is leaving you feeling uncomfortable in any way, call the indoor air quality pros at House Call Company.

Signs That You Need Humidifiers

When your HVAC system is underperforming, the issues stemming from that subpar performance are fairly obvious: you’ll notice that your home is either too hot or too cold, likely. However, problems with your indoor air quality, including humidifier levels, can be more difficult to detect. That is why we would like to provide you with a few examples of indicators which may tip you off to the need for a whole–house humidifier.

First of all, pay attention to signs of bodily discomfort which may be associated with living in an overly dry environment. These may include dry and itchy skin, sore throats, frequent nosebleeds, and aggravated allergy or respiratory issues. If you notice any such problems, give the pros on our team a call today to discuss the ways in which a whole–house humidifier may benefit you.

Remember too that the ill effects of low humidity in your home are not limited to those inflicted upon your body. Your property itself may suffer as well. If you find that paint in your home is chipping away from the walls, or if your wallpaper is peeling and cracking, the air may be too dry. You may even see wooden floorboards and fixtures splitting. Whatever it is that tips you off to the fact that the air is too dry, give us a call to resolve the problem.

We Install and Service Whole–House Humidifiers

No one other than a skilled, trained professional can handle your humidifier installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance, regardless of how handy you may be. Unlike portable humidifiers, whole–home models integrate directly into your HVAC system. This makes them far more effective and convenient, as you don’t constantly have to add water to the system. However, it also means that you must call upon a pro for any humidifier services that you may need.

You deserve complete comfort in your home, and our goal is to see that you attain yours. Contact the humidifier pros on the House Call Company staff today. We can answer any questions that you may have, and we’ll ensure that you get the best performance possible from your new humidifier.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today for all of your home performance needs. We are YOUR home contractors.

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