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Indoor Air Quality Services

If you think that all you need in order to live in complete comfort is a great HVAC system, think again. Yes, you must be able to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home throughout the year. However, keep in mind the fact that the quality of the air that surrounds you is every bit as important as its temperature in terms of overall comfort. If you have any suspicions that the quality of the air in your home is subpar, contact a member of our team today. We have the products and services you need to boost the indoor air quality in your living space.

Signs That You Need Improved Indoor Air Quality

In order to go about improving your indoor air quality, you must first recognize the fact that there is a problem to begin with. Only then can you go about rectifying any air quality issues, with our help of course. If you have aggravated allergy or asthma symptoms, find that your home gets dusty and dingy quickly, or if the air in your home is too dry or too humid, just let us know. All of these issues suggest that you may benefit from our indoor air quality services. Contact a member of our team today with any concerns you may have.

Air Purifier

If airborne pollutants are assaulting you in your home, a whole–house air purifier is a great way in which to resolve the problems stemming therefrom. When you use the right air purification system in your home, you can effectively remove those pollutants disrupting your indoor air quality. Let us help you to find the right air purifier for your home, HVAC system, and the issues that you are up against.


Some people think of dry air in the home as a minor annoyance. In truth, though, excessively dry air can lead to a number of serious issues therein. You may suffer from dry, itchy skin, frequent sore throats and nosebleeds, or other health–related issues. Dry air can also cause paint to chip and wooden floorboards and fixtures to crack. A whole–house humidifier can alleviate such symptoms.


Having too much humidity in the air throughout your home, of course, is no better than having too little. Very humid conditions can promote the growth of biological pollutants, cause wood to warp, lead to water damage, and leave your home feeling sticky and muggy. You can effectively dry out the air in your home to the appropriate degree with a whole–house dehumidifier.

UV Air Purifier

UV air purifiers are used to destroy biological pollutants, such as viruses, mold, and bacteria, which can threaten your property and your well–being. Give us a call if you think that a UV air purifier may be a good fit for your home. We install quality products with outstanding workmanship and customer service.

Quality Indoor Air Duct Cleaning

Many homeowners depend on ductwork in order to distribute heated and cooled air throughout their homes. If your air ducts are full of dirt and detritus, though, you may also distribute pollutants throughout your living space. Professional air duct cleaning from the pros at House Call Company can ensure that this is not the case.

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