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Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are an absolute necessity in your  home – alerting you to the presence of a fire and allowing you to get your family out before summoning the authorities. And when you’re dealing with your family’s safety, you want a system that is 100% reliable all of the time. That’s why an electrical smoke detector, fitted and installed by the professionals at House Call Company, is imperative to your home. With a smoke detector in place, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected while you sleep, and electrical smoke detectors remain the most reliable on the market. When installed by a reliable electrician, it could end up being the best friend you ever had.

Why Have a Professional Install Smoke Detectors?

Many people rely on store–bought battery–operated smoke detectors to keep their home safe, instead of a wired smoke detector installed by a professional electrician. While that can save you money in the short run, it can prove much more dangerous to your house and family in the long run. Store–bought smoke detectors are cheaply made and can often fail. Even those that work need to have their batteries replaced periodically, or else they become completely useless when they go dead. Furthermore, a smoke detector should be carefully placed to ensure that they alert as quickly as possible, Experienced professionals can do that in ways that even the most enthusiastic do–it–yourself cannot.

Placement Is Key for Smoke Detectors

Area homes vary widely, from beautiful older houses to efficient modern ones. When installing a new smoke detector, you need someone like the pros at House Call Company who can assess their features and determine the best placement for your system. It needs to be somewhere out of cross breezes and away from walls, high up where the smoke can be assured of reaching it. It needs to be wired properly to your electrical system so that it does not fail when you need it most. And it needs to be tested properly before use, so that you can be assured it will work when you need it to.

Count on House Call Company for Proper Installation and Testing

If you live in Chesapeake the experts at House Call Company are ready to help with your smoke detector needs. We can survey your house to find the ideal location, then run wire and install the system with courtesy and care. We’ll test your new smoke detector to ensure that it meets your every need, and if problems ever arise with it, we can perform a diagnosis and repair job quickly and easily. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction and we know that few things in your home are more important than this. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and let us do the job right!

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