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Whatever type of heating and air conditioning systems you may use in your home, they all share something in common. They use thermostats to regulate their operation. If you think that all thermostats are pretty much the same, then you need to familiarize yourself with smart thermostats.

Modern thermostats are more advanced and capable than ever before. If you really want to take control over your HVAC systems, then consider using a WiFi or smart thermostat. As always, you can count on the professionals here at House Call Company to install and service your devices properly. Contact us today for an appointment.

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How Do WiFi and Smart Thermostats Work?

A basic programmable thermostat gives you the option of creating heating and cooling programs built around your own personal schedule. This alone is a major benefit over the use of simple digital thermostats, which need to be adjusted every time you want to make a change in heating and cooling output.

  • WiFi thermostats give you the freedom to adjust temperatures anywhere in your house. You don’t have to get out of bed to make a late night adjustment anymore. A sensor is hardwired into your HVAC system, but the thermostat control itself is wireless and can move around the house with you.
  • Smart thermostats are the cream of the crop. If you want to use technology to boost comfort and efficiency levels, then a smart thermostat is probably right for you. Control your HVAC system remotely with an internet-ready device, track energy usage and view reports for long-term savings, and even start automating different functions around the house!

Is Your WiFi or Smart Thermostat Malfunctioning?

A WiFi or Smart Thermostat is an advanced piece of technology. If your device is not functioning properly, refer to the literature that came with it in order to follow some basic troubleshooting advice. Smart thermostats may even be able to run self-diagnostic programs.

If you cannot solve the problem with basic troubleshooting, then contact a trained professional to evaluate the device. You don’t want to tinker around with it beyond basic troubleshooting, only to damage the system further. We will diagnose problems accurately and resolve them completely.

Let Us Install or Replace Your WiFi/Smart Thermostat

The key to getting the most from your device is to schedule your WiFi thermostat installation or smart thermostat installation with trained professionals. Our technicians are trained to integrate these devices into existing systems, and to ensure the compatibility of everything for proper operation.

When the time for a smart thermostat replacement or WiFi thermostat replacement comes, be sure to call our number first. We’ll not only help you to find the right replacement device for your needs, but we will install your new device correctly and help you to understand its proper use. Don’t let anyone tell you that your old, basic thermostat is still “good enough”!

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